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ON LINE COMPANION to THE WORLDS OF ROMAN WOMEN a Latin Reader in the Focus Classical Commentary series

"The On-Line Companion, a collaborative website to accompany the Worlds of Roman Women (henceforth WRW), was conceived in December, 2005, some ten months after the publication of the book (Focus Press, 2005; ISBN 1-58510-130-3), the first intermediate/advanced Latin text-commentary on Roman women. In the anthology the co-authors offered a wide variety of primary sources in Latin by and about women, from the earliest periods through the second century CE, thus allowing students of any academic grade to experience different Latin styles and diverse genres. We included authors not normally read in undergraduate courses and less familiar materials (e.g., inscriptions) to allow the voices of the non-elite and marginal inhabitants of the Roman world to be heard. Our over-arching goal was to identify and contextualize Latin texts of various types by and about women for the enjoyment of entry-level Latinists who would encounter the book as a course text or as supplementary reading. However, our research and ambitions far exceeded the compass of any textbook, leaving us with a number of important selections that could not be included. We turned to electronic publication as a way to accommodate our growing appetite for new texts, images, hyperlinked aids, and 21st century pedagogy..."

Author(s):  Raia, Ann; Sebesta, Judith Lynn
Format:  Website
Publisher:  The College of New Rochelle
Publication City:  New Rochelle
Date:  2006-
Series:  Focus Classical Commentary series