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Contextual analysis of the use of space at two Near Eastern Bronze Age sites

"This compilation represents the raw material of a project funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The project, jointly initiated by Dr. R.J. Matthews and J.N. Postgate, was designed to collect and analyse data from two Near Eastern excavations, Tell Brak in north-eastern Syria, and Kilise Tepe in southern Turkey. These data were intended to throw light on the use of space within two different urban settlements, and in particular, by adopting standardised objectives and procedures, to enable comparison between the same phenomena at two different sites. The research was in one sense a continuation of ideas and techniques devised by Dr. Sebastian Payne at the Bronze Age urban site of Abu Salabikh in southern Iraq, a report on which appeared under the title "The imprint of living in an early Mesopotamian city: questions and answers", in R. Luff & P. Rowley-Conwy (eds.), Whither Environmental Archaeology? (Oxbow Monograph 38; Oxford 1994), 171-212..."

Author(s):  Matthews, R. J.; Postgate, J. N
Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Archaeology Data Service (ADS)
Date:  2001