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Dunham, D.. An Alabaster Statuette of Prince Khnum-baf. BMFA, 1939. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Amulets of the Late Period. BMFA, 1930. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. An Ancient Egyptian Forgery?. BMFA, 1933. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. An Egyptian Bronze Aegis. BMFA. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. An Egyptian Diadem of the Old Kingdom. BMFA, 1946. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. An Egyptian Portrait Head of the XII Dynasty. BMFA, 1928. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Egyptian Study Room Opened. BMFA, 1936. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. An Ethiopian Royal Sarcophagus. BMFA, 1945. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Experiments with Photography in Ultra-violet Light. BMFA, 1933. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Fourth Egyptian Study Room Opened. BMFA. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. The Late Egyptian Gallery Rearranged. BMFA, 1931. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. New Egyptian Room Opened. BMFA, 1926. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. New Egyptian Room Opened. BMFA, 1928. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. New Installation in the Egyptian Department. BMFA, 1927. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. New Paintings of Egyptian Tombs. BMFA, 1936. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. An Osirid Figure of King Merenptah. BMFA, 1939. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. The Portrait Bust of Prince Ankh-haf". BMFA, 1939. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Portraiture in Ancient Egypt". BMFA, 1943. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Royal Shawabti Figures from Napata. BMFA, 1951. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Some New Objects from Tell-el-Amarna. BMFA, 1937. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Some Notes on Ancient Egyptian Line Drawing. BMFA, 1939. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. A Statuette of Two Egyptian Queens. BMFA, 1936. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. The Tomb of Dehuti-nekht and His Wife. BMFA, 1921. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. The Tomb of Queen Hetep-heres. BMFA, 1927. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Two Egyptian Portraits. BMFA, 1937. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Two Pieces of Furniture from the Egyptian Sudan. BMFA, 1948. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. Two Recent Installations in the Egyptian Galleries. BMFA, 1941. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D.. William Stevenson Smith (obituary). BMFA, 1968. (Article) [more]
Dunham, D. and Eaton, E. S.. Two Parallels to Ancient Egyptian Scenes. BMFA, 1937. (Article) [more]
Dupras, Tosha Lea. Dining in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt : determination of diet using documents and stable isotope analysis. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2002]. (Book) [more]
Dupree, Louis, 1925-. Deh Morasi Ghundai: a chalcolithic site in south-central Afghanistan. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Dupree, Louis, 1925-. Shamshir Ghar: historic cave site in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Anthropological papers of the AMNH, 2005. (Book) [more]
Durand, Jean-Marie. Jean-Marie Durand. Collège de France. (Website) [more]
Düring, Bleda S. ; and the Çatalhöyük Research Project. Settlements of the Central Anatolian Neolithic. e-Depot Nederlandse Archeologie (eDNA). (Website) [more]
Durm, Josef. Die Baukunst der Etrusker, die Baukunst der Römer. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, 1885. (Book) [more]
Durm, Josef. Die Baukunst der Griechen. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, 1881. (Book) [more]
Durusau, Patrick. High Places in Cyberspace. (Website) [more]
Durusau, Patrick. Search Any Book from Your Desk? Not Just Yet. SBL Forum, 2005. (Article) [more]
Dyall-Smith, Mike. A Scribe of Kmt. (Website) [more]
Dyall-Smith, Mike. A Scribe of Kmt. (Website) [more]