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Le Némès

"Welcome on the first web site entirely dedicated to the nemes, frequently depicted headcloth of ancient Egypt.Present on the funeral masks of Tutankhamon, Psusennes I or Amenemope, on the colossi of Akhenaton and those of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, omnipresent on the walls of all the temples and in the statuary, the nemes is by far the preferred headcloth in the representation of the Egyptian sovereign, from the third dynasty until the Greco-romans times.Why should one make a web site on this headcloth? Here is my answer.I''m a graduate student in Egyptology at Montpellier, in the south of France, I have just spent two years studying the origin of the nemes, its evolution throughout Egyptian history and its typology, and sharing the results of my research will hopefully profit a greater number ofpeople.The contents of my web site represents only a small part of my research, which I cannot publish in its entirety on the Internet. It includes only one detailed presentation of the headcloth and its various constituent parts..."

Author(s):  Cabaret, Sylvain
Format:  Website