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Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA). Ancient Egypt Research Associates, 2005. (Website) [more]
Apuntes de Egiptología. 2005 -. (Journal) [more]
Armenian Egyptology Centre. 2007 -. (Website) [more]
Coptic Museum. (Website) [more]
Digital Karnak. 2008 -. (Website) [more]
Digital Karnak. 2009. (Website) [more]
Editions Soleb. (Website) [more]
Egyptologi. (Website) [more]
From the Gustavianum Collections in Uppsala 1974. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis - BOREAS, 1974. (Article) [more]
i-Medjat. 2008 -. (Journal) [more]
Informationen deutschsprachiger Institutionen der Ägyptologie. Museums Ägyptischer Kunst, 2003-. (Journal) [more]