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ARKAMANI Sudan Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology: An Arabic/English Review on Archaeological and Anthropological Research in the Sudan

"Arkamani''s Objectives To Assist Sudanese students studying history, archaeology. anthropology and sociology to follow up the results of the previous and current field work which is no longer accessible to them due to the present state of poverty-stricken universities'' and other official libraries. To make available in Arabic and English in one Website literature on Sudan archaeology and Anthropology published in different foreign languages. To provide a platform for interaction between Sudanese archaeologist at home and abroad and the body of international scholars that will enable them participate in the efforts taken to establish the new discipline of Sudanology as an independent field. To pave the way for Sudanological Studies to find their way into Arab and African Universities'' syllabuses, hence putting an end to the perspective dominating over the ancient history courses based on earlier textbooks, which looks upon the ancient civilization of the Sudan as no more than a pale and inferior imitation of Egypt, not deserving of independent consideration."

Format:  Journal
Date:  2001-
Notes:  Edited by Prof.Dr. Osama Abdel-Rahman Elnur