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The Centre of Egyptology in Bulgaria

"In 1999 a foundation called “Centre of Egyptology in Bulgaria” was established with the aim to support financially the research and popularisation work of the young Bulgarian egyptology. Its two main objectives are to create a centre of egyptology as a place where the knowledge of the Bulgarian public about the ancient Egyptian culture to be extended and to work and carry out projects helping for the studying and teaching of the ancient Egyptian antiquity. One of the primary tasks of the Centre of Egyptology is the foundation and development of a research team in egyptology with a mission in Republic of Egypt. Another important task of the Centre is to support the research work of its members and their participation in local and international scholar activities.The Centre of Egyptology in Bulgaria undertook also the task to publish a yearbook – The Journal of Egyptological Studies, which will inform the Egyptological circles of the Bulgarian egyptology.With its support for the development of the egyptological interrelationship and exchange of academic information, the Centre of Egyptology contribute to the extending of the general knowledge of the Bulgarian public about the history and culture of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Being confident that this knowledge may make for the elucidation and understanding of most of the problems the modern world faces, the Centre contribute also to the care of our society for the intellectual development of the young Bulgarian generation."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Centre of Egyptology in Bulgaria
Publication City:  Sofia