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Mastaba of Mereruka

"The mastaba of Mereruka is situated in the north-east sector of the necropolis of Saqqara, not far from the edge of the plateau, just to the north of the pyramid of Teti, the first pharaoh of 6th Dynasty. During this period power of the pharaohs was declining as can be seen in the comparatively small size and poor construction of their pyramids. However, increasing power attained by the large aristocratic families became apparent in the size and quality of the decoration of their mastabas. Two mastabas, located next to each other, are of special importance, that of the vizier Mereruka and that of Kagemni (his predecessor). Mereruka's is by far the more complex and is located to the west of the other. It is not given over totally to Mereruka; his chambers will be given the prefix "A" The south west quarter was designed as being a separate set of chambers for his wife, Watetkhethor; her chambers will have the prefix "B". The main structure was later extended at the north for his son, Meryteti; his chambers are prefixed "C". Both of these areas have their entrance from within the part of the complex devoted to Mereruka."

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