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Bibliography of the Amarna Period

"Embracing at its widest extent the late Eighteenth Dynasty from the mature reign of Amenhotep III through to the rule of Horemheb, the Amarna Period of ancient Egypt remains primarily focused on the reigns of Akhenaten and his immediate successors, those rulers who resided (at least for some time) at the site of Amarna / Akhetaten. Moreover, as a result of the discovery there of the Amarna Tablets in particular, the scope of the Amarna Period extends beyond the core regions of ancient Egyptian culture in the Nile Valley and Delta into both Nubia in the south and the Levant to the north and east. The strong influence of developments within the period can readily be detected, not only beyond those regions under Egyptian territorial control (in western Asia and the Aegean, for example), but also temporally, during the reign of successive Egyptian rulers (in the Nineteenth Dynasty in particular).The Amarna Period has attracted considerable scholarly attention and publication since the first elaboration of its unique history in the late 19th century CE. The resulting plethora of journal articles, monographs and edited publications has attracted at least one previous attempt at bibliographic organisation: that of Geoffrey Martin, published in 1991. The current attempt at such collation seeks to build upon the success of the former, as well as to improve its predecessor's offering both by way of its versatility and—as an electronic document—its ready revision.As a result, we are pleased to offer: * a Bibliography of the Amarna Period (by author) * a Bibliography of the Amarna Period (by subject) (currently in course of arrangement)Further suggestions for inclusion are welcomed by the editor and compiler of this resource, in the hope that scholars, students and interested laypersons alike may find it useful."

Author(s):  Cowie, Paul James
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