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United with Eternity: A Concise Guide to the Monuments of Medinet Habu

"During its fifty-three year history, the work of the Epigraphic Survey has earned a reputation for accurate and detailed recording that has made its publications the standard by which all other studies of ancient inscriptions are judged. In none of its publications is the value of its meticulous recording more apparent than in the eight volumes of plates of Medinet Habu produced over a period of nearly forty-five years. All too often, weathering, erosion, and vandalism have badly damaged temple walls and some appear today to be uninscribed, although a century ago they were well carved and even painted. Without a Survey drawing in hand, little can be made of the faint traces some walls preserve. Kent Weeks, Foreword, 1976."

Author(s):  Murnane, William J., with a foreword by Kent R. Weeks
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, and the American University in Cairo Press
Publication City:  Chicago, Cairo
Date:  1980
ISBN:  0-918986-28-1
Series:  Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition 6