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Prehistoric Survey of Egypt and Western Asia, Volume IV: Paleolithic Man and the Nile Valley in Lower Egypt with Some Notes upon a Part of the Red Sea Littoral: A Study of the Regions during Pliocene and Pleistocene Times

"The major part of this book is devoted to a study of the ancient delta of the Nile, to its development and modification in response to the actions of river and sea, to the environment and cultural progress of early Man in the area. In former times the delta was far wider than it is at present, river and sea stood at higher levels, and the river was contributing gravel and sand instead of fine silt. The margins of the ancient delta lay over the oasis of Wadi el-Natrun and the Suez Canal; thus changes in the Mediterranean shore line must be considered, and it will be realized that the Isthmus of Suez was at one time a strait that joined the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Finally, a comparison of the history of a part of the Egyptian littoral of the Red Sea with that of the north coast is attempted."

Author(s):  Sandford, K. S.; Arkell, W. J
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  1939
Series:  Oriental Institute Publications 46