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Deir el Medine online

"The number of ostraca found in the workmen’s village of Deir-el Medina with non-literary content has already far exceeded the 10,000 mark and will most likely reach 20,000. ‘Deir el Medine online’ aims to address this mass of text with the help of modern technology. The ostraca will be processed with suitable methods of modern-day science and will be published via the internet with the use of the technical possibilities which this medium offers. The presentation of each individual text follows a consistent pattern: with the help of a detailed system all ostraca are described, transliterated into hieroglyphics, phonetically transcribed, translated and commented upon in full. The documentation has been enhanced by colour digital photos, several where necessary. Furthermore the system opens up a wider range of research opportunities of the complete data. This system presents a basic instrument for work on the texts which can be expanded with further data at any given time. "

Author(s):  Günter Burkard; Goecke-Bauer, Maren; Wimmer, Stefan
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Institüt für Ägyptologie; Deir el Medina Database
Publication City:  München; Leiden
Date:  2002