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Protected Areas and Cultural Heritage: An Abu Dhabi Case Study. In: Research and Management Options for Protected Areas

"Research into the environment  of protected areas has tended in many countries to overlook the necessity of a multi-disciplinary approach that also examines the cultural heritage of the people concerned. There is a need to include the results of archaeological research. Results of fieldwork on the islands and coastal zone of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi indicate that both data relevant to an understanding of the cultural heritage of the people and of relevance to the current environment or wildlife and to past exploitation of natural resources can be obtained. A multi-disciplinary approach to environmental and archaeological studies in protected areas is essential."

Author(s):  Hellyer, P.; M. Beech
Format:  Chapter
Source:  In: Proceedings of the First International Symposium and Workshop on Arid Zone Environments (January 2000). Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency, Abu Dhabi.  pp.195-213