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Old babylonian inscriptions,chiefly from Nippur , pt 1. Plates 1-35 and I-XV.

Old Babylonian inscriptions, chiefly from Nippur,, pt 1. Plates 1-35 and I-XV. Author(s): Hilprecht, H. V. 1859-1925. (Hermann Vollrat), Publication: Philadelphia, Published by the [American Philosophical] Society, Year: 1893 Language: English Series: American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Transactions, new ser.,; v. 18, pt. 1, 4; The Babylonian expedition of the University of Pennsylvania.; Series A,; Cuneiform texts ;; v. 1

Author(s):  Hilprecht, H.V
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Reprint from the Transactions of the Amer. Philos. Society, N. S., Vol. XVIII, No. 1
Publication City:  Philadelphia
Date:  1893
Source:  ETANA
Series:  Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania. Series A: Cuneiform Texts. vol. 1pt 1 Plates 1-50