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PalArch : webbased Netherlands scientific journal

"For a long time now, the Netherlands have been playing an important role in the palaeontology and archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology. For example, modern vertebrate palaeontology started with the find of the famous Mosasaurus in St.Pietersberg, Maastricht, in the 18th century. Another example is the leading position of the Netherlands in the field of Pleistocene Mammals (the collection of mammoth-remains is among the largest in the world). In the field of archaeology of Egypt and Egyptology the Annual Egyptological Bibliography is internationally used and greatly respected. The recent Dutch expeditions to Saqqara and Berenike are also well-known. However, there are few internationally orientated journals of Dutch origin. The PalArch Foundation, a non-commercial foundation supported by several institutes and fellow researchers, thinks this should change..."

Format:  Journal