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Reflections Of Women In Ancient Egypt: Women, Museums and Egyptologists

"On 8th March(International Women''s Day) to 28th April 2001 the Egypt Centre opened a special exhibition. This is an exhibition of photographs and information on objects displayed in Swansea''s Egypt Centre which relate to women. These include beautifully painted coffin fragments, jewellery and cosmetic items, etc. dating from 3000 BC to AD 500. However, the exhibition is more than a display of the Centre''s collection. It aims to introduce general ideas concerning gender and specifically shows how our own cultural background influences how we study the past. It shows how the past, as displayed in museums is a ''selected past''. The exhibition also aims to illustrate how the Egyptians may have viewed women. Themes which include goddesses, professions and status are explored. The exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm at the Centre. ADMISSION IS FREE. The exhibition is at present in the Egypt Centre but can be lent out free to any interested organisations. This text is based on a booklet sold in the Centre. The text does not have the pictures which are in the booklet. However, the captions have been left in..."A booklet has been produced in-house which futher develops the themes of the display

Format:  Museum
Publisher:  Egypt Centre
Publication City:  Swansea'
Date:  2001