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Classified Bibliographical Database of Ancient Egyptian Medicine and Medical Practice: Including: Palaeopathology, Biology and Human Anthropology (from A.D. 1676 to the Present)

"This bibliogaphical database... is a major and comprehensive bibliography designed to facilitate academic research on the subjects of medicine and health in the Nile River Valley from the prehistoric era to early Christian times. As of Spring 2001, the bibliography contains about 3,000 citations that have been fully catalogued and cross-referenced in an electronic database... Currently, the entries are cross-referenced under 579 discrete subject headings. Ultimately, the bibliography will comprise all academic and clinical studies published from A.D. 1676 to the present on Egyptian medical practices and notions, including, health conditions and related issues and the interconnections among ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, and Near Eastern medicines..."

Author(s):  Piccione, Peter
Format:  Website
Publisher:  University of Charleston, S. C.
Publication City:  Charleston
Date:  2003