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High Fidelity Reconstruction of the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Kalabsha

"... Computer graphics in collaboration with Egyptologists makes it possible to recreate the temple on a computer, place it back to its original location and orientation, and illuminate it, as it may have appeared some 2000 years ago. ... This paper describes the practical methodology that should be undertaken in order to create a high fidelity reconstruction and realistic lighting simulation of an ancient Egyptian temple."

Author(s):  Sundstedt, Veronica; Chalmers, Alan; Martinez, Philippe
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Gallica
Publication City:  Paris
Source:  In: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Computer graphics, virtual reality, visualisation and interaction in Africa (AFRIGRAPH '04), Stellenbosch, South Africa, November 3-5, 2004, pp. 107-113, ACM SIGGRAPH, November 2004