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5000 Years of Schistosomiasis in Egypt

"The evolution of disease is one of medicine''s most challenging questions. This paper considers the epidemiology of schistosomiasis in Egypt over a 5000 year period. Evidence from mummies demonstrates the presence of this disease in ancient Egypt, and several diagnostic laboratory methods are currently being developed and used to examine the palaeopathology of schistosomiasis in the mummies. This data will be compared with information being gathered about the disease in Egypt today. An Egyptian Mummy Tissue Bank, currently being established at Manchester University Museum, will provide a unique and important research for the current project, and also for future studies on the evolution of other diseases."

Author(s):  DAVID, A. Rosalie
Source:  Chungara, Revista de Antropología Chilena
Volume Info:  2000
Volume:  32
Number:  1