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Mummies on Display: Conservation Considerations

"For centuries, museums around the world have exhibited human mummified remains. In many instances the remains were placed in the exhibit cases without an initial conservation assessment. Over time, the mummified remains decay in their cases without proper maintenance. The end result is total loss of integrity within the materials. Often times, museums lack conservation specialists, and exhibition staff not trained in conservation does the maintenance of mummies. These museum personnel need to understand the signs of decomposition so that they can detect early signs of conservation problems for proper maintenance over time. They must also make an initial assessment to prepare and maintain mounts that optimizes the conservation of the material while on display. Presented is an overview of a conservation assessment that the exhibition professional should be aware of in exhibiting human mummified remains."

Author(s):  Meier, Debra
Source:  Chungara, Revista de Antropología Chilena
Volume Info:  2001
Volume:  33
Number:  1