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VisualGlyph: A Hieroglyps Writer for PC's

"VisualGlyph is a hieroglyphic text processing program that offers new possibilities for preparing hieroglyhic texts on computers. VisualGlyph was designed specifically for creating parallel hieroglyphic texts similar to de Buck''s Coffin Text edition (see Example 1 below). It can also be used for producing any other style of text (Examples 2 and 3 below). The user can freely position, size, or rotate hieroglyphs. It is also possible to write conventional text or draw line objects such as cartouches, circles, lines, etc. Hieroglyphs as well as conventional text and line drawings can be created directly on the screen. All the images below were created entirely with VisualGlyph..."

Author(s):  Lapp, Günther
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Ägyptologischen Seminars der Universität Basel
Publication City:  Basel
Date:  2005