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Wachter, Rudolf. Geschichte des Alphabets. (Website) [more]
Waddell, Helen, (tr.). The desert fathers. (Book) [more]
Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project [WAARP]. Bir Madhkur Excavations and Survey. 1996. (Website) [more]
Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project [WAARP]. Home Page of Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project [WAARP]. (Website) [more]
Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project [WAARP]. Rujm Taba Salvage Excavations. 1996. (Website) [more]
Wadi Fidan Regional Archaeological Project in Jordan. Home Page of Wadi Fidan Regional Archaeological Project in Jordan. 2002. (Website) [more]
Wagers, Will. Ousia - An Index into the Life of the Mind: For the Egyptologist. (Website) [more]
Wagner, Günther ; Yule, Paul. Thermoluminescence Dating of Early Ceramics from Oman. 2008. (Article) [more]
Wahba, Zakaria. Icons: Their history and Spiritual Significance. CopNet, 1999. (Article) [more]
Wåhlin, Lars. "The Family Cistern: 3,000 Years of Household Water Collection in Jordan". The third Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies: Ethnic encounter and culture change, Joensuu, Finland, 19-22 June 1995. (Presentation) [more]
Walbank, F. W.. "Review of Greek Historiography". Histos, 1997. (Book Review) [more]
Walker, Cheryl. Hostages in Republican Rome. 2005. (Book) [more]
Wallerius, I. Gravkoner tillhörande Victoria-museet i Upsala. Sphinx - Revue Critique: Embrassant le domaine entier de l'égyptologie - Fondée par Karl Piehl, 1929. (Article) [more]
Wallerius, I.. "Gravkoner tillhörande Victoria-museet i Upsala". Sphinx - Revue Critique. Embrassant le domaine entier de l’égyptologie - Fondée par Karl Piehl, 1929. (Chapter) [more]
Wallerstein, Immanuel. "Review of Before European Hegemony". Intl. J. of Middle East Studies, 1992. (Book Review) [more]
Walshaw, Sarah Catherine. Reconstruction of environment in early Bronze Age Syria through phytolith analysis on human dental calculus. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [2001]. (Book) [more]
Wang, Helen; Perkins, John [Editors]. Handbook to the collections of Sir Aurel Stein in the UK. 2008. (Book) [more]
Wångstedt, Sten V. Sechs demotische Ostraka und eine Mumienetikette aus der Sammlung des Victoriamuseums zu Uppsala. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis - BOREAS, 1984. (Article) [more]
Wanning, Gerhard; Zeebe, Michael. Nachrichten der Sudanarchäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V.: Bericht über die erste archäologische Abenteuerreise der Sudanarchäologischen Gesellschaft im März 1994. Mitteilungen der Sudanarchäologische Gesellschaft zu Berlin (MittSAG). (Article) [more]
Ward, William A.. Archaeology in Lebanon in the Twentieth Century. Biblical Archaeologist, 1995. (Article) [more]
Ward, William Hayes. The seal cylinders of western Asia. ETANA, 1910. (Book) [more]
Warning, Wilfried. Terminologische Verknüpfungen und Genesis 12,1-3. Biblica, 2000. (Article) [more]
Warren, Charles and Claude Reigner Conder. The Survey of Western Palestine [1886]. 1886. (Book) [more]
Wasiliewska, Ewa. The Forgotten Indiana Jones: From Ancient Mesopotamia to Hollywood. The World and I Online, 2000. (Article) [more]
Watenpaugh, Keith. “Opening the Doors” One year Later: Reflections on the Iraq War and the Middle East Studies Community. Middle East Studies Association Bulletin. (Article) [more]
Watkins, Calvert. Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000. (Article) [more]
Watkins, Lee, Jr.; Snyder, Dean A. The Digital Hammurabi Project. Museums and the Web 2003, 2002. (Article) [more]
Watkins, Trevor. "Signs Without Words: the Prehistory of Writing". 2001. (Presentation) [more]
Watson, A.. Jesus and the Adulteress. Biblica, 1999. (Article) [more]
Watson, Peter. Cyprus mosaics. Culture Without Context, 1998. (Article) [more]
Watson, Peter. Euphronios kylix update. Culture Without Context, 1999. (Article) [more]
Watson, Peter. The Investigation of Frederick Schultz. Culture Without Context: The Newsletter of the Illicit Antiquities Research Centre, 2004. (Article) [more]
Watson, Peter. The sequestered warehouses. Culture Without Context, 1998. (Article) [more]
Watson, Wilfred G. E. The "Split Couple" in ugaritic verse. Studi Epigrafici e Linguistici sul Vicino Oriente Antico (SEL). (Article) [more]
Watson, Wilfred G. E. Some Rare Lexical Items in Ugaritic. Studi Epigrafici e Linguistici sul Vicino Oriente Antico (SEL). (Article) [more]
Watson, Wilfred G. E. The switch between second and third person address in Ugaritic. Studi Epigrafici e Linguistici sul Vicino Oriente Antico (SEL). (Article) [more]
Watt, W. Montgomery. Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman. 1961. (Book) [more]
Watts, James W. James W. Watts. (Website) [more]
Watts, James W. THE LEGAL CHARACTERIZATION OF MOSES IN THE RHETORIC OF THE PENTATEUCH. From the Journal of Biblical Literature 117 (1998) 415-26.. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W. Psalmody in Prophecy: Habakkuk 3 in Context. Forming Prophetic Literature: Essays on Isaiah and the Twelve in Honor of John D. W. Watts, 1986. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W. PUBLIC READINGS AND PENTATEUCHAL LAW. From Vetus Testamentum 45/4 (1995) 540-57. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W. READER IDENTIFICATION AND ALIENATION IN THE LEGAL RHETORIC OF THE PENTATEUCH. From Biblical Interpretation 7/1 (1999) 101-12.. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W. RHETORICAL STRATEGY IN THE COMPOSITION OF THE PENTATEUCH. From Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 68 (1995) 3-22. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W. Text and Redaction in Jeremiah’s Oracles Against the Nations. The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 1992. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W. The Unreliable Narrator of Job. From The Whirlwind: Essays on Job, Hermeneutics and Theology in Memory of Jane Morse, ed.Corrine Patton, Steven Cook, & James Watts (JSOTSup Series 336, London: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001), pp. 168-180. (Article) [more]
Watts, James W.. "This Song": Conspicuous Poetry in Hebrew Prose. Verse in Ancient Near Eastern Prose, 1993. (Article) [more]
Webb, E. Kent. The Athenian Tyrannicides: Icons of a Democratic Society. All for One or One for All? (Re)constructing Identity in the Ancient World. Graduate Student Symposium. Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College, October 17 - 18, 1997, 1997. (Article) [more]
Weber-Lehmann, Cornelia. Zur Ausstattung etruskischer Klinengelage: Ergebnisse historischer und moderner Dokumentationen der Grabmalereien Tarquinias. Propylaeum-DOK: Publikationsplatform Altertumswissenschaft, 2001. (Article) [more]
Webster, Jane S. Writing a Dissertation in Biblical Studies. SBL Forum. (Article) [more]
Weeks, Kent. Multimedia tour of KV5. (Website) [more]
Weidner, Ernst F. (Ernst Friedrich). Assyriologie 1914-1922. ETANA, 1922. (Book) [more]
Weigall, Arthur Edward Pearse Brome, 1880-1934. The life and times of Akhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt. 2007. (Book) [more]
Weigall, Arthur Edward Pearse Brome, 1880-1934. The life and times of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt; a study in the origin of the Roman empire. 2005. (Book) [more]
Weingartner, James J.. Michael C. Astour: A Biographical Essay. 2015. (Article) [more]
Weiskittel, F.. "Review of The Ancient Mariners". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 1992. (Book Review) [more]
Weiss, Harvey. BEYOND THE YOUNGER DRYAS: Collapse as Adaptation to Abrupt Climate Change in Ancient West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean. Confronting Natural Disaster: Engaging the Past to Understand the Future, 2000. (Article) [more]
Weiss, Harvey. Beyond the younger Dryas: Collapse as adaptation to abrupt climate change in ancient West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean. Environmental disaster and the archaeology of human response, Edited by Garth Bawden and Richard Martin Reycraft. Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Anthropological Papers, No. 7: 75-95, 2000. (Article) [more]
Weiss, Harvey. Ninevite 5 Periods and Processes. The origins of North Mesopotamian civilization: Ninevite 5 chronology, economy, society. Brussels: Brepols. E. Rova and H. Weiss, editors, 2003. (Article) [more]
Weiss, Harvey, Francesca deLillis, Dominique deMoulins, Jesper Eidem, Thomas Guilderson, Ulla Kasten, Torben Larsen, Lucia Mori, Lauren Ristvet, Elena Rova, and Wilma Wetterstrom. Revising the contours of history at Tell Leilan. Annales Archeologiques Arabes Syriennes, Cinquantenaire, 2002. (Article) [more]
Weiss, Harvey, M.A. Courty, W. Wellerstrom, F. Guichard, L. Senior, R. Meadow, and A. Currow. The genesis and collapse of Third Millennium north Mesopotamian Civilization. Science, 291: 995-1088, 1993. (Article) [more]
Weiss, Harvey; Bradley, Raymond S. What drives societal collapse?. Science, 291:609-610, 2001. (Article) [more]
Weiss, Harvey; Ginger Booth. ArchaeoSim v3.0. 2003. (Website) [more]
Weiss, Harvey; T. Cuyler Young, Jr. Merchants of Susa: Godin V and plateau-lowland relations in the late Fourth Millennium BC. Iran, 10:1-17, 1975. (Article) [more]
Weissbach, F. H. Inschriften Nebukadnezars II. im Wadi Brisa und am Nahr el-Kelb. ETANA, 1906. (Book) [more]
Weissbach, F. H. (Franz Heinrich), comp. Keilinschriften der Achämeniden. ETANA, 1911. (Book) [more]
Weissbach, Franz Heinrich. Babylonische Miscellen. ETANA, 1903. (Book) [more]
Wellhausen, Julius. Prolegomena to the History of Israel. (Book) [more]
Wellhausen, Julius. Prolegomena zur geschichte Israels. (Book) [more]
Wells, Bryan. An introduction to Indus writing. Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, 1999]. (Book) [more]
Welsby, Derek. Kushite buildings at Kawa. British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES). (Article) [more]
Welsby, Derek A. Survey in the Northern Sudan 1993 - 1995. Mitteilungen der Sudanarchäologische Gesellschaft zu Berlin (MittSAG). (Article) [more]
Welsh, Frances. "Egyptanizing Motifs in Meroitic Culture". ENCOUNTERS WITH ANCIENT EGYPT, 2000. (Presentation) [more]